Peter Norvig: Simple models

“Simple models and a lot of data trump more elaborate models based on less data.” – – – Peter Norvig. 

Abhijit Naskar: Develop our own psyche

“We are manipulating machine intelligence, and in the process, we have forgotten to effectively utilize the true potential of our own mind, let alone focus on improving the mind. We are developing artificial intelligence and have forgotten to develop our own psyche.”

—Abhijit Naskar, Let The Poor Be Your God. 

Marcos Lopez de Prado: Econometrics

“Econometrics is the application of classical statistical methods to economic and financial series. The essential tool of econometrics is multivariate linear regression, an 18th-century technology that was already mastered by Gauss before 1794. Standard econometric models do not learn. It is hard to believe that something as complex as 21st-century finance could be grasped by something as simple as inverting a covariance matrix.”

—Marcos Lopez de Prado, Advances in Financial Machine Learning.