Eric Schmidt: Internet advertising 

“The Internet will transform advertising because of its trackability,  not its beauty.” 

—Eric Schmidt. 

Nidhi Thakur: #Is that really you?


Brunch (Photo credit: shareski)

It is really ironic that the moment I read this topic in  Brunch, I didn’t turn to the 50 people sitting around me at work. Instead, I logged onto my Twitter account and posted a tweet asking a bunch of strangers for their valuable inputs and bounced ideas and theories off them. What is funny is that discussing it with people didn’t even occur to me. Also, before posting the tweet, I didn’t spend a second to decide whether I agreed with the viewpoint or not. But the response I received just endorsed my subconscious decision.

Today we live in an age where a city-wide distance from our loved ones doesn’t hurt us as much as the detachment we feel when we charge our phone and it’s inaccessible. So important has virtual acceptance become, that we do not realise how and when it takes over our real existence.

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It is always possible to get what you want if you want it bad enough. However, it is not guaranteed that you will like what you wanted when you get it or what you had to do to get it. Or be liked for it. Those are the hazards of both personal and professional life.

When you have no moral compass of your own but rely on someone else’s you are either a child or a mimic.

If you don’t want the truth, don’t ask for it.

No medicine should be administered until proven.

When you judge others, they too will judge you and your loved ones.

Everybody has a love story. Just not all have happy endings.

When you cloak anti-social behaviour in the garb of social mores, it is a sad commentary indeed!