G K Chesterton: Not a private matter

‘There are several things to be noted about this novel maxim, “religion is a private matter.” The first is that it is obviously untrue, except in the sense that it is too true to be useful, or so obvious as to be useless.’

—G K Chesterton. 


Robert Greene: Path of least resistance

“We descended from chimpanzees. It’s the fact that we tend to react to what’s immediately in front of our face, like a cow or a dog or anything. We bark and that’s who we are. And we tend to always want things to be easier to take the path of least resistance. We all have that lower part of our nature and it’s a lot stronger, but at the same time, there’s a higher self that we’re straining to become. And maybe I’m being optimistic, but I’m saying that everybody has that desire to reach the higher self.”

—Robert Greene.