Joseph Sobran: Abortion

‘Abortion advocates keep shifting their ground, first agreeing it’s evil but arguing that legalizing it would control it; then turning agnostic, adopting the line “when life begins” is a “religious” question; finally, insisting it’s a “right,” the State should promote and subsidize. Even now they shuttle between saying that we should try to make abortion “unnecessary” (through sex education and birth control) and demanding full public approval for it. If they were, as they insist, “pro-choice,” they would be horrified by forced abortion in China; but they are not, and some of them even defend the barbaric policy (“You have to understand that it’s a poor, overpopulated country…”).
We are dealing not with conscientious differences, but with hardened consciences.
Such people are willing to pretend that killing isn’t killing; they shrink from using the word “kill” to describe what abortion does, though they would presumably acknowledge that bug sprays kill bugs and weed-killers kill weeds.’

—Joseph Sobran.