John Keegan: Diplomats

“It’s a necessary quality of a diplomat or a politician that he will compromise. Uncompromising politicians or diplomats get you into the most terrible trouble. ”
John Keegan



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Winston Churchill: World’s awe

The world looks with some awe upon a man who appears unconcernedly indifferent to home, money, comfort, rank, or even power and fame. The world feels not without a certain apprehension, that here is someone outside its jurisdiction; someone before whom its allurements may be spread in vain; someone strangely enfranchised, untamed, untrammelled by convention, moving independent of the ordinary currents of human action. -Winston Churchill, politician and statesman (1874-1965)

Louis de Bonald: Literature

Portrait of Louis de Bonald (1754-1840)

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Literature is the language of society, as speech is the language of man. –Louis de Bonald, philosopher and politician (1754-1840)

Charles Buxton: Insult and injury

I once met a man who had forgiven an injury. I hope some day to meet the man who has forgiven an insult. –Charles Buxton, brewer, philanthropist, writer, and politician (1823-1871)