Samuel Bueno: Running

Running down by the railroad track. It is an absolutely powerful feeling to run right next to the train while it is rolling by. I get this awesome feeling of power coursing through my body as if I am one with the train.

—Runner’s World Challenger Samuel Bueno’s idea of a rave run.

Runner's World magazine, published by Rodale s...

Runner’s World magazine, published by Rodale since 1971 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jim Taylor: Running

Runner's Mental Toolbox -- F.A.S.T

Focus on what it’s like to be outdoors, to feeling your body move, to the relationships you may have built through running. These are experiences that can be reproduced with every run—you don’t need a good finish time to produce them. By shifting the focus from results to running itself you’ll feel empowered.

Jim Taylor, Ph.D., a sports psychologist and author of Prime Sport: Triumph of the Athlete Mind, The Bliss List, Runner’s

Kathrine Switzer: Running

Ever since I began running when I was thirteen, there was a palpable difference between the days I ran and those I didn’t: My running days had more significance. Missing a day wasn’t a major tragedy or anything – sometimes you can’t help it or you just don’t feel like it. A day I didn’t run was just a day without a bonus, a bonus that enriched my life in so many ways

Kathrine Switzer, Running/Walking for Women Over 40

English: Kathrine Switzer at the 2011 Berlin M...

English: Kathrine Switzer at the 2011 Berlin Marathon Expo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Johanna Olson: Running

Truly, I love running. It’s who I am. It’s a part of me. Even if I can only run for 10 minutes, I feel whole and happy. And if everything else is falling to pieces, I go for a run, and I feel like things are going to be okay.

Johanna Olson, Olympic Marathon Trials runner who died of brain cancer at the age of 33