Peter Lynch: Not a gamble

Bombay Stock Exchange

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“The stock market really isn’t a gamble, as long as you pick good companies that you think will do well, and not just because of the stock price.” Peter Lynch

Benjamin Graham: Mathematics

Benjamin Graham

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“In the stock market the more elaborate and abstruse the mathematics the more uncertain and speculative are the conclusions we draw there from.” Benjamin Graham

Peter Lynch: Economic analysis


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“I spend about 15 minutes a year on economic analysis. The way you lose money in the stock market is to start off with an economic picture. I also spend 15 minutes a year on where the stock market is going.” Peter Lynch

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Warren Buffett: Pickpocket of enterprise

“One of the ironies of the stock market is the emphasis on activity. Brokers, using terms such as ‘marketability’ and ‘liquidity‘ sing the praises of companies with high share turnover… but investors should understand that what is good for the croupier is not good for the customer. A hyperactive stock market is the pick pocket of enterprise.”

—Warren Buffett.

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Peter Lynch: Guts, not head

“The most important organ in the body as far as the stock market is concerned is the guts, not the head.” Peter Lynch

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