African proverb: Go fast, go alone

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
—African proverb

African cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer)

African cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



5 thoughts on “African proverb: Go fast, go alone

  1. oh but I was, and not only that this is from my facebook page now and the result of earlier queries –
    For Our Great Scholar and historian Runoko Rashidi
    A lie can run for a whole year but the truth will catch it in a single day :African Proverb
    I wonder what tribe/peoples originated it? I found it in a african newspaper laying on the ground some years ago and I’ve always loved and admired it ever since.

    In response to this –
    African Proverbs – I’ve heard and read many but we all know Africa is not one nation but a Continent composed of many nations tribes cultures and languages – and so for a esteemed and experienced historian and scholar such as Runoko Rashidi – perhaps he can tell us specifically where some of these proverbs originate.

    Runoko Rashidi posted these today!!
    ‎”If you disagree with the phases of the moon, get a ladder and repair it.”
    –Hausa Proverb

    “A baby on its mother’s back doesn’t know the journey is long.”
    –Igbo Proverb

    “What makes sense today may be madness tomorrow.”
    –Yoruba Proverb

    “However far a stream flows, it never forgets its origins.”
    –Yoruba Proverb

    “Accomplishment of purpose is better than profit.”
    –Hausa Proverb

    “The man who waits for a perfect opportunity, will wait a lifetime.”
    –Yoruba Proverb

    “One who defames another’s character also defames their own.”
    –Yoruba Proverb

    “Even silence speaks.”
    –Hausa Proverb

    “When the brothers fight to the death, a stranger inherits the estate.”
    –Igbo Proverb


    • Thanks for the interesting quotes.
      Yes, Africa is a continent!
      It’s just that I was a bit taken aback at your tone!
      Additionally, I did some additional research on the quote and it seems that there has been adverse criticism for Al Gore for not revealing his sources!
      We’re on the same page there!


      Thanks for commenting again!


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