Mother Shipton: Land of the Cross

“The lily shall remain in a merry world; and he shall be moved against the seed of the lion, and shall stand on one side of the country with a number of ships. Then shall the Son of Man, having a fierce beast in his arms, whose Kingdom is the land of the moon, which is dreaded throughout the world. With a number shall he pass many waters, and shall come to the land of the lion, looking for help from the beast of his country, and an eagle shall come out of the east, spread with the beams of the Son of Man, and shall destroy castles of the Thames. And there shall be battles among many kingdoms. That year shall be the bloody field, and lily F.K. shall lose his crown, and therewith shall be crowned the Son of Man K.W., and the fourth year shall be preferred. And there shall be a universal peace over the whole world, and there shall be plenty of fruits; and then he shall go to the land of the Cross.”

—Mother Shipton aka Ursula Southeil, a famous 15th century prophet.