Ruth Muskrat Bronson: The Hunter’s Wooing

The Hunter’s Wooing

“Come roam the wild hills, my Cherokee Rose,
Come roam the wild hills with me.
We’ll follow the path where the Spavinaw flows,
Dashing wild on its way to the sea,
On its wearisome way to the sea.
We’ll chase the fleet deer from its lair in the woods;
We’ll follow the wolf to his den.

When the sun hides his face, we’ll rest in the woods;
Hid away from the worry of men.
Hid away from the bother of men.

And then we’ll go home, my Cherokee Rose,
Where the Senecas live in the heart of the hills
By the rippling Cowskin, where the Saulchana grows,
We’ll go home to the Coyauga hills,
To the sheltering Coyauga hills.”

—Ruth Muskrat Bronson.

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