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John Sullivan Dwight: Rest

“SWEET is the pleasure

Itself cannot spoil!

Is not true leisure

One with true toil?

Thou that wouldst taste it,

Still do thy best;

Use it, not waste it—

Else ’tis no rest.

Wouldst behold beauty

Near thee? all round?

Only hath duty

Such a sight found.

Rest is not quitting

The busy career;

Rest is the fitting

Of self to its sphere.

’Tis the brook’s motion,

Clear without strife,

Fleeing to ocean

After its life.

Deeper devotion

Nowhere hath knelt;

Fuller emotion

Heart never felt.

’Tis loving and serving

The highest and best;

’Tis onwards! unswerving—

And that is true rest.”

—John Sullivan Dwight.


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