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Rumi: Hidden behind his words

“Man is hidden behind his words his tongue is a curtain over the door of his soul. When a gust of wind lifts the curtain the secret of the interior is exposed, you can see if there is gold or snakes pearls or scorpions hidden inside. Thoughtless speech spills easily out of man while the wise ones keep silent. Faulty eyes see the moon double and that gazing in perplexity is like a question; once you connect with Divine Light the question and the answer become one. But if you only hear the answer, do not be fooled for the ear is simply a go-between. While the eye perceives reality directly the ear relies on the promise of words. From words alone you cannot know fire do not rely on knowledge derived from others there is no certainty until you burn. Make the ear sharp so it becomes an eye if not, words become entangled in the ear and the truth can never reach the heart.”



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